About Us

Our forum exists to help you understand the US healthcare system and find a way that suits you. We know that healthcare debate is still going on and the future reforms and novelties are possible and want to make all of those clear for you.

It’s absolutely evident that so many Americans don’t understand how our healthcare programs and system work and all of the rumors and disappointing facts only push people away from it. The best argument for it is that after all of those efforts with the ACA and social programs, we still have plenty of people uninsured.

Another huge issue is pricing. Many people, especially those who come from abroad (like the UK or Canada) claim that that is hugely due to the lack of rationing, others say it’s a system build that way. Some people claim the issue is mostly about the Big Pharma and governments avoiding prices negotiation.

These issues are real, but there are ways to avoid them or build a plan for yourself that won’t leave you broke after a minor surgery. And we are here to show you how.

Materials You Can Find Here

  • Insurance plans overviews.
    There are many difference providers and plans that they offer you, and we will go over them to understand what works better for you. Some people want a full coverage in case of anything, others rely on emergency care.
  • Medicare and Medicaid explained.
    Those are two biggest programs that are being debated right now and we can explain what they mean. Indeed, they raise costs for everyone and in some ways, they are the reason why Americans overpay for their drugs.
  • Tips on how to cut your costs.
    If you want to save your money, we can teach you some tips and help you take care about your future too.
  • News and updates on our medical system.
    All the debates going in Congress will be covered here. We understand how important it is.
  • Friendly advice and real stories.
    We cherish our helpful atmosphere, so here you can always hear from real people who deal with the same issues.

Hope you will find your insurance plan and will reduce your expenditures with our help. We want to see American families healthy and strong, and not spending too much on pharma. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask them.